Why sound & music are the best forms of therapy and will save you $$$

Our human presence has five senses and we can and do experience a LOT through them. There is a reason why Comfort food is such a thing, because our association with food makes us feel certain emotions. Having a break up? the movies will tell you to get an Ice cream which will cure all your wallowing.

Sound and music are other mediums through which we can experience joy, love, healing - aiding our evolutionary journeys of learning and unlearning.

Sound and music impact our brain waves which can take them to different stages. A lot of people who have trouble sleeping are recommended certain sound music for the duration of the night while they fall asleep.

The sound is basically aiding their overactive brain to slow down and move from a beta state to other more positive states such as delta which then allows the body to relax and fall asleep.

Fun fact: In Ancient Greece music was commonly used to treat or even cure mental disorders.

There is a reason why back in the 90’s couples would share CD’s with each other with songs that expressed their deep love for one another. The feelings that they couldn’t put into words, were felt by the music they shared. I miss that era!

Also, remember having a breakup song? I sure did it was by breakeven by The Script .

Side note, wonder what today’s kids send one another? NFT’s which express their inner emotions perhaps? would be interesting to know! Gen Z’s drop in your thoughts please.

But there is definitely more to this on a deeper level. Here are top 3 mediums to experience healing from.

1.Main vibration of earth OM: As per Hindu scriptures (vedas) OM is the universal sound of the universe it’s the ultimate vibration from which all other vibrations were created. It is known to be so powerful that chanting it along with a meditative state can be one way to reach enlightenment. Where there is a vibration there is bound to be a sound.

Positive effects of chanting OM; positivity, calmness, energy and ability to raise collective consciousness

2. Frequencies and chakra healing

Our human body, doesn’t only have a physical self there exists an energy body which contains chakras (energy centers); the modern world focus on 7 chakras.

Positive effects : These chakras are portals/gateways for energy expansion to manifest energies of the universe (such as love, wealth, strength confidence etc)

So now, why has chakra healing become so popular because modern day humans believe that if our chakras get imbalanced/blocked due to trauma, life, external events we become blocked (due to our negative emotions). Say for instance you’ve suffered in love well then your heart chakra gets blocked and certain frequencies aid in supporting the opening up of that portal again 528hz is one such frequency to try.

3. The most recent wellness craze : Sound Healing

Sound healing has origins in India, Nepal and Tibet and has been used as a restorative practice in ancient times. Sound Healing also known in modern times as sound bath is a practice wherein you lie down in a dark place cozied up and get in tune with the sounds.

What this does is calm your brain, nervous system to then begin the process of self restoration.Sound healing can be practiced with many instruments and solo as well as in a class.

Positive effects: Balancing and harmonizing the body, very relaxing

In conclusion, before you’re thinking of giving $$$ to a therapist and tackle your physical body why not dive a bit deeper into your energetic body first and pull the cords. Who knows maybe a spiritual awakening awaits.

Love and Light Xxx


If you’re still doubting that sound can heal check out the below videos and then drop in your thoughts


  1. Satsang : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCSEub0i7Gk&list=RDPCSEub0i7Gk&start_radio=1

2. Healing music for yoga :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMrWkAPB5Cg&t=2083s

3.Chanting music :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTc8X37oJBE



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