Step by step guide on How to be Climate conscious in Bali or anywhere you’re traveling really.

When you think of Bali, you can associate it with Influencers, Infinity pools, Bali Swings, most instagrammable pictures, surfing and maybe a spiritual awakening.

Yes you can have all of this, well let’s be honest maybe not all of it! I personally think to live consciously means to travel consciously. Why wouldn’t you want to leave the place you’re visiting with a sense of love, peace and a little extra care by being environmentally conscious. Especially if you’d like for it to stay like the paradise it is?

If you’re reading this you’re definitely a step ahead of people who haven’t gained consciousness to think this way or are too busy in their lives problems/self.

What does it mean to be climate conscious whilst traveling?

Personally for me, it means respecting the land i’m on and going an extra mile to ensure my presence does not damage the beauty/nature of that place.

Steps you can take?

  1. No plastic bottle

This is an obvious one, but is hard to do in places/countries you can’t drink the tap water. An easy way to combat this is by choosing to stay in places that have water filters which means you can easily fill your water for the AM/PM and hey! it’s cheaper on your pocket win win really!

In bali, every place I stayed had a water filter or a big water tank (which is still better than consuming plenty water bottles

If you can/would go step ahead any experience you have booked, let them know ahead of time that you wouldn’t need water bottles this will help them get conscious and save on some plastic.

2. Carry a tote bag

Buy a foldable one, if you need to save space but this is really useful as when you’re out and about you’re bound to have a spontaneous need to shop. Plan your trips example shopping in Bali, let’s get home get our bags shop come back leave our stuff and go on about our next thing..

3. Eat local foods

This one is so important, the importance of eating local and seasonal not only is great for your wellbeing but also for the environmental footprint. Eg: Eating Avocados on toast is not necessary in countries that need to export it from a far off country (always remember demand creates supply) enjoy local foods, support local economy and choose restaurants that go extra mile to provide farm to food concepts or homegrown.

4. No infinity pools

This is something I learnt from a friend, that creating all these instagrammable “ infinity pools” had a big impact as these are being created by destroying the surrounding jungle/lush greens (the very reason bali is known for)

Also speaking with a local, he mentioned how many rice fields were replaced over the years to build villa and bungalows

(now this is a bigger issue wherein the govt probably need to state % of rice fields acreage vs villa/rental etc) but we each can do our bit.

For us as a consumer we can choose to stay in Eco stays, which have heritage rather than these modern places which are affecting the environment around them. An easy way is to use the sustainable option on or type in google “sustainable stays in Bali” you will definitely see some places pop up

5. Stay in homes stays — old one’s rather than Villas

Home stays in bali are usually built upon traditional homes, they have been extended to create home stays to generate additional income for the local communities there. This is a great way to give back to the local economy and people whilst protecting their heritage, homes and learning a thing or two.

Bali really suffered during COVID outbreak, the people don’t show it just because they’re so resilient and mentally sound but they need all the support they can get.

6. Choose Nature friendly activities such as Yoga, Hiking, cycling

While traveling if you can be aware of your ecological impact it’s great. This can be extended in activities you plan on doing.

If you’re going in the water use “CORAL REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN” these are sunscreens which don’t contain ingredients that destroy underwater life and really crucial to keeping coral reefs intact.

Choose activities where you can be picked up with other people, this way reducing your per person emissions.

I personally avoided the ATV ride on this trip, with the intention that it may impact flora fauna of place and chose to spend time doing Yoga, walking and cycling in set pathways.

Activities that teach you something about local cultures are also great ways to connect with people and nature as these two are intertwined, taking a Bali cooking class will teach you about local food, in turn helping you make the right choice will picking food.

7. Connect with Nature

I have heard this of late, and in the Bali culture that they have days when they pray to plants, rice? Also heard in different cultures people praying to the Sun. I have learnt to love this concept and low key always share my gratitude to water before I enter it. I feel the sacred energy that water brings me and feel the need to bow down and show my respect.

The more you connect with nature, the more you respect it and the more you want to protect it. There is a reason why people who grow up in nature tend to be more sustainable human beings as they are connected and feel one with it.

8. Volunteer

What better way to give back to a place than to in someway help it and the people gain some opportunities. This is applicable for people who have longer time in their hands! I wish I could have done this one, If you have time! Def do this. Great way to connect with like minded people, embrace the culture, learn and have a pocket friendly time WIN WIN!

Some other tips

If you’re looking to buy clothes, I suggest to shop while you’re in Canggu they have great sustainable fashion stores in all prices and street markets in Ubud and Canggu which can get you a Linen outfit for the lowest prices you will see.

Plenty plant based options in Bali, would def recommend going vegan friendly or become vegan ;) just for the trip no better place that to explore Vegan Paradise

Carry your own (metal) straw, esp if you’re having coconut water



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