9 reasons to Meditate and why you should do it too!

I started meditating in my early 20’s during a time in life where I went through my first big challenge that was out of my control.. During this period I did a deep self retrospection and discovered the world of meditation.

When I started back then, I couldn’t even sit for 2 minutes straight it was a challenge. I distinctly remember asking a fellow soul how can I end the mindless chatter? She just asked me to be patient.

Fast forward to 5 years later having tried all sorts of meditation I have come to love a few different types depending on the zone i’m in and what I’s like to receive from my meditative practice.

AND if you’re wondering I can now sit for an hour easily (depending on the phase of life, the mindless chatter exists) but it’s a great personal progress and a maintained consistence daily ritual that has brought a lot of structure and fluidity in my life

Meditation for any normal person is ending the mindless chatter “monkey mind” as some call it and to gain more peace, clarity and happiness in life.

As per Yoga it is also a form of attaining Samadhi, in which our individual consciousness merges with divine consciousness and we become one with a greater spiritual power

A concept that sounds so fascinating to me, but indeed not an easy one.

Hence I have focused my meditations, following in Joe Dispensa’s philosophy and footsteps

As per him you can use meditation to attain the state of being that you’d like to be “Abundance” “Love” “Wealth” whatever it is that you seek you need to become it internally and then see miracles flow in.

After all these learnings, constant evolution in my path these are the things I discovered Meditation bought to my life/self/identity

  1. Inner Awareness

In the tech driven world that we live in, we can receive information at a touch of a button and even to the lengths that when we’re unconsciously scrolling through our Feeds, Tiktoks there are still curators “trying” to teach us something. This can be hard for anyone trying to navigate through answers without any baseline knowledge.

A great example is “ You shouldn’t mix fruit with Milk” there are plenty theories around it, who should you believe?

With Meditation i’ve learned and continue learning to follow my inner guidance, voice and conscious decision making. I am less wavered by externals than I would be without Meditation in my life.

The inner compass only builds stronger and with it comes the realization that our path is unique and we should seek guidance and open up but ultimately follow our inner voice.

I’ve also seen this inner voice grow stronger with a consistent meditation practice in life.

2. Self Worth

It’s so very easy to get carried away with this one, with headlines such as 21 year old Millionaire, NFT’s sold for 1 million etc. etc. these headlines if we’re not conscious create a “comparison mindset”

Cultivating a strong self worth, driven by listening to your inner awareness and creating beliefs and values has assisted my inner engineering

I wish everyone I see the best, try and learn from their stories but only assess my “self worth” to values defined by me /not society or external factors

I’ve talked about Self Worth in a details in another article, if you’re curious.

Listed at the bottom of this page.

3. Peace and Joy

We are always alone within our selves, once we understand this practicing meditation and other sources to elevate ourselves becomes easier.

I really enjoy the times I am meditating, it brings me so many positive emotions in life. I have cried, laughed, felt intense energy and had minor miracles which all have thought me. That we can experience so much beyond our 3-D lives/self and that we really are limitless beings and the more we harness this power we elevate and when we elevate we spread that beautiful energy around us!

This is why I love MONKS, they’re like a shield of positivity. Grateful for existence of people like them here, lifting divine consciousness

4. Understanding of Energies

Everything is energy, most of us know this now, I really understood this by meditating and am yet to explore the realms of this one but just knowing this makes me feel hopeful in life, a positive trait to get you by unforeseen obstacles in life.

I now feel the energy in a room post an argument, post laughter and the emptiness of energy after a bunch of beautiful people have left the room. Energy can be felt, if we let it

5. Connection with similar beings

Humans crave connections that match their value system in order to engage, discuss and reinforce their way of thinking and it’s true you attract like in your life to a certain extent (still learning this one, in all honesty no all evolved human being here just a work in progress :) )

But truly, I seem to draw connections of people either interested in Meditation and people on similar journeys with meditation. Which to me are beautiful experiences.

6. Discipline and in-turn lift of self worth

I love being disciplined, it drives me and feeds me and also lifts my self worth + comparison with self

The days I am down is the hardest to get through in meditation, when a challenge comes it feels like you’re going backward in your meditation

So I listen to my body, understand and go deeper a challenge in life that helps me grow and evolve to my highest self is always welcome (although at the time it can feel HORRIBLE)

7. Fascinating experiences and memories to share

Any life experience creates moments you can share, and the beauty of beautiful conversations and good food is not -compatible. I love it!

I love hearing stories from people and mystical experiences which blow my mind thrill me and keep me on the path of evolution

8. Manifestations

This is such a famous topic, that I was even hesitating to mention it but with my meditations i’ve come to see that it can be true and I do admire people that make their manifestations a completely reality. As long as you’re having fun with this one it’s all good.

Just knowing that your dreams can become reality is a faith system I like to have in life, and manifestations have aided in that

9. Navigating through daily life

I usually meditate in the morning, having this ritual really helps navigate through the small challenges that come by in life. Dealing with a rude person? Not a problem. Your boss is rude? Well let’s not lower our energy

I continue to learn to not be phased by it and that is a blessing.

Self Worth Article :



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