How I got 14k views on Instagram reels in a few hours with just 927 followers

Sometimes miracles do happen ;) or people will say luck shown upon me.Well then my friend, do you know what luck really is?

“When preparation meets opportunity” — Luck

Let’s get started on the real deal, back story! my intention to create this reel was to share beautiful “bali” that I had just visited and add some beautiful raw.. rare.. to see Bali content on Instagram away from swings, waterfalls and what not. I also wanted to test and see if I would make it viral, because why not!

Within the hour of uploading the video I received 13k Views which in a day became 14k views, and mind you I have only 927 followers on Instagram and didn’t even share the reel on my story or anywhere else for a matter of fact.

So what made this happen?

1.The very first CRUCIAL step

Have a real, raw beautiful experience and then film whatever you can of it.

This is exactly what I did, my intention during the trip was just to film moments that I could and be in the present moment. All the content is super raw

2. location matters

“Bali” is trending on Instagram at the moment since it recently opened boarders and a lot of content creators have been visiting creating a positive algorithm for it

  • which means any location trending on instagram ++ points

3. Trending music

As a rule of thumb before uploading reels I check even for my business what songs are trending, save a bunch of them and then see what fits my reels

  • I picked a soft, mellow trending music that went with my Bali slow days theme

4. Time of posting

This is no secret, what time you posts matters simply because if you’re living in America and have only Asian Audiences and you post at American time by the time the Asian audience is viewing your content, other content has shot up in their feeds, missing out on your opportunity to shine

Check your stats, and post only when your audience is most engaged during, pro tip just before you audience starts to engage say 6pm highest engagement post at 5;50pm.

5. Reels are being prioritized by Instagram majorly

As you should have already noticed, this is a great time to jump on that bandwagon before it gets saturated as well. Reels are your default option on Instagram, it’s a notification message being sent and it’s a way to reach people outside your followers.

6. Have a storyline in your Reel

Mine was slow living authentic days in Bali, from sunshine to sunset ending the quick reel and I guess it resonated with a few people :)

Stories engage you, keep you captivated so I believe this is another crucial step think of it like creating a piece of magic someone will enjoy.

Here’s the Link to the reel if you’d like to watch it!

Hoping this helps you go Viral :)



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