For an authentic experience in Ubud, Bali (2–3 days)

If you’re looking for an authentic experience, to steer clear from touristy spots, lines and would like to feel the energy of the place you’ve come to the right place. For solo travelers and for couples spending a quick journey here, there are some must things to try and do in Bali.

Whether you’re here for a quick stop or for a short while, these are the things you must do whilst in Ubud.

  1. Yoga Classes

Ubud is known as the yoga hub for Bali, through my investigation the most talked about and buzzing place is Yoga Barn, the locals around the streets know the place as-well (I asked a few to understand the fame of the place).

Yoga Barn offers a daily schedule and you can easily plan ahead, even weeks in advance (link at the bottom of the page)

Yoga Barn

How do you book? you just need to arrive at the place 30mins before, as they don’t make any advance bookings

P.S mornings classes are usually empty, you can even arrive 15mins before and find a spot

I took the Hatta Yoga class and also an Infra Red Sauna session all for a reasonable budget.


1.Variety of options

2. Accommodates all levels (i’ve seen people people from 20 — 65 around in the classes)

3. Lots of Wellness opportunities from Colon therapy, to tarot reading and energy healing

4. The place is like a mini oasis and definitely worth having a look at. Stop by for a juice/coffee at the very least

5. They have fun activities all year around, during my time they were promoting African healing dance.


1.Class size: Bigger class sizes (mine had approx. 35) — which made it harder to connect with the teacher or any of the students

2. The attention span of teacher v/s student + the connection is low which entails that the teacher isn’t able to correct your posture, pose or provide and further feedback

3.Teachers — I wasn’t very impressed with the teacher in our class, as usually in class with all level class I expect to have 3 pose variations for mid-advanced learners.

4. if you are specialized in Ashtanga or Bikram yoga you must try some of the more specialized classes

I heard of few other great yoga shalas, which I would recommend are — Intutive Yoga Studio and Yoga flow

2. Must go to food places

Food in Bali, is like landing on Vegan heaven! Living in Dubai i’m used to paying $$$$ for places and food that is available for $$ in Bali. This means that if you’re vegan or not that doesn’t matter you definitely need to try a few vegan dishes and enter a new level of food gasm.

Here are some places I recommend

  1. Suryia Healing Food — Ayurvedic Vegan/Healing food

Recommended by a close friend, who’s super health conscious I found this place quite close by to me located around central Ubud

They have a daily dish menu, I was on their lucky Taco Thursday and ordered that with some Matcha Latte (definitely one of the really good latte’s i’ve had, super creamy!) The food, vibe everything was top notch.

Price $$

Value of Money 8/10

Ambience 9/10

2. Herb Library

This place is located in a narrow street, I went for a quite dinner and the ambiance was great, so was the food.

Their concept is to be able to taste the food, with just some addition of herbs. I had some healing Noodle Soup which was 8/10. The quantities are quite big so definitely will cover your big appetite :)

Price $$

Value of Money 9/10

Ambience 9/10

3. Nomad

I found this place particularly cozy for co-working and had the local dish Nasi Goreng, it’s located in central Ubud and is also a great spot for people watching.

4. Kedai bubuh

Another great find was whilst my cycling tour, this place is a golden find if you’re looking for some authentic local Vegan food!

tipat blayag

Must try dish : tipat blayag

Price $

Value of Money 10/10

Ambience 8/10 (near lush green fields)

3. The way to meet people and explore Bali is through Trips and exploration, here are some must do trips

Cycling tour (booked Via Airbnb)

  • there are options which include more cycling and less sight seeing (so please book as per your needs) mine included a few stops, I most enjoyed the coffee session, lunch and cycling in LUSH green fields!

Mout Batur

One of the most popular activities, you’d need to be awake at midnight for this one as the tours are tailored to watch Sunrise from up the Mountains (if you’re adventurous do this) again varied prices best to check with your hotel and Airbnb to see which one’s more affordable but for sure a must do!

Horse Riding by the sunset

This was an experience I personally loved, as riding by the sunset was in my life lists and to actually experience it was beautiful it’s a great way to discover the outskirts of Bali.This ride was very close to the famous Eco Lodge in Bali

Other Must do Things in Ubud

Cooking Class , Hiking on the free hill(Campuhan Ridge Walk), Complimentary coffee drinking, Walking through rice fields

Now before you go ahead and have a magical, and spiritually evolving time in Bali you need to know a few things

Quick Tip

Balinese are quite involved in their religious practices and you will see roads filled with offerings “PLEASE DON’T STEP ON THEM” as much as you can avoid this in order to be respectful to their culture.

Finally some advice that will get you a long way

  1. Dogs in bali are very territorial and if you cross their path at night, they start barking so if you’re scared of dogs be careful on this one
  2. Very convenient to withdraw money, ATM’s are everywhere
  3. Very easy to rent Bikes, you’ll find one anywhere in Bali. Alternatively download Grab or Gojek to get quick Bike taxis — these are super convenient and come by within 2 mins.

Useful links

Yoga barn link:

Cycling Tour :



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