Eat Pray Love moment with Ketut Liyer, Balinese Palm Reader and why you shouldn’t do it

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If you’ve watched the famous movie, Eat Pray Love then you know and for those of who don’t it’s a movie based of a true life experience in which Julia Roberts (movie version) visits Bali and receives sort of a prophecy from a Palm reader (very Harry Potter divination professor trelawney sorts) which in the eventual turn of events manifests into reality. From what I’ve seen and heard the movie influenced the growth and popularity of the Famous Palm reader featured in the film and the life version. For anyone who doesn’t know as of 2018/2019 the famous kind and happy being portrayed in the movie has since left his body and now his son has taken over

My curiosity to visit a Palm Reader // Background Story

Most people tend to lean towards Esoteric things when they’re

a) looking for clarity

b) facing a challenge

c) curious souls

d) have heard great experiences or witnessed first hand

e) Why not! souls out there ;)

Being in Bali and watching local life day to day I felt that people here are deeply rooted in spiritual practices and thought to myself they’re defiantly going to be more enlightened beings and the chances of finding an authentic Palm reader are higher so I found myself asking the local guides and taxi drives.

One of them did tell me that the local balinese even visit an Astrologer/energy healer (can’t remember the local name) before they visit a doctor that is their strong faith. would love if someone can validate this.

After a few ask arounds… my path led me to the Famous Palm Readers son Ketut Liyer.

At the house of Balinese Palm Reader

My guide arranged for an appointment and ever so kindly escorted me to the place, waited through it, even though he himself didn’t believe in the concept of reading hands. Bless him!

The appointment was fixed for an hour late the same day and I was asked to pay 300,000 rupiah on arrival for a (15– 20 mins) reading

Waiting for my reading

When I arrived the place was like a typical Balinese home, very beautiful with a nice big courtyard I could already seen another girl in the Midst of getting her reading done, I was seated quite close by and got to hear a word or two. He was telling her that she will be very successful and she will have a successful business with her friend (all very optimistic!) I was concisely trying not to hear as to not invade privacy so I decided to focus on my phone post that.

My time

I waited for about 10mins, and then it was my turn I was first made to wear a wrap around skirt, pay up and then went to meet him, bless him he seemed very pure, kind and spirited like they show his father in the movie and he kept saying “you so pretty, you so lucky” what do you do? — Working in fashion and beauty sir and he said “good job, you’re pretty” and then I proceeded to ask him about specific questions in career to which his response was very very vague and just a positive nod “yes yes you can do anything”.

He then proceeded to have a look at my hand, my lifeline, heartline, luck line, relationships and how many children I would have, this was accurate based of my previous readings in India but again this was very basic level information that any Palm reader in India will be able to tell you for free or you could even find online.

Then I proceeded to ask him a few more personal questions, to which his answers were all very vague and made no direct sense towards what I was working for or my life specifically.

His bottom line to me was “Don’t worry and please be patient” again this could apply to almost all people there. by the end of my reading I was definably not satisfied, or gained any knowledge I didn’t know but his intention I guess was to leave you feeling positive.

He did mention an interesting fact to me stating that for example if someone has a “blocked/ not good luck line) they should pray, meditate ask for the blessings to overcome that — stating that nothing and final and with your efforts you can overcome whatever is even destined (if you believe in this)

Overall feelings post reading

Even though the reading was all positive it was 10% of what I was expecting, it maybe valid for someone who’s never had this experience but for an Indian who’s very aware of this energy form, it wasn’t overall a very mystical experience but rather a boost in life you’d be receiving from a kind, joyful person.

If I would have read something like this before going for any reading, I would definitely be more cautious and as a friend to someone I’d def like them to know. In fact I mentioned to a bunch of my friends the real feelings I felt regarding this so as to be able to make a rather informed decision and not be rushed by a movie, or the desperate need to find answers which can sometimes take over all of us.

Where should you go instead? If you would like an Authentic experience

I would recommend visiting Rishikesh, India — known as the yoga capital of the world where you may end up finding a deeper spiritual guidance I stumbled upon a powerful person during my stay and it happened very organically, what he mentioned had way more value than this reading brought for me

and I would love genuinely love to value people that have actually taken the time to cultivate this energy and build this art as I feel it’s so important to value the right people in life

Or find people you know, who’ve had genuine experiences in their journeys and can guide you to the right person.

If you still feel drawn to do the reading after my message then please do, I would love for you to have an authentic life experience and truly wish you all the best as for me I will provide you the most honest, raw feedback to help you make the right decision :)

Let me know your thoughts on this and thank you for reading!



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